Handcrafted Bow Ties

About Us

Bowhemian Ties began with a desire to provide my son and nephew with cool bow ties. I love the classy look of bow ties, and I knew my son wanted more of them. While my nephew didn't realize he was a bow tie guy, I knew it would be the perfect birthday gift for him. And I was right! He looked... well, COOL! And all of a sudden, after making a tie or two, I found I was hooked. Finding the perfect item of clothing to upcycle or just the right new fabric to make into amazing ties became an addiction. As my box of bow ties grew, I realized I had too many for just my boys (and my daughters' boys), and the idea of sharing them with the world was born.

Our ties are all hand made with much love. They are made to be self tied, but have a clasp on the adjustable band so that once you get it tied just like you want it, you can simply undo the clasp to put the tie on. On the other hand, if you want to look like the cool guy who can ties his own bow tie, you can pull the ends of the the tie and let the tails dangle when the evening is finished... Instant coolness!

You can choose from the fun and classy fabric choices we have in stock or can have us make them from your own fabric. Either way, you get just the right tie for you.

A special thanks to Tricia and Joe on SoCo in Austin, Texas on First Thursday. When I was being wishy-washy and playing around with finding a market for my ties, these two awesome strangers encouraged me to make it real and get things going. Here's wishing you two all the best!